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Why Choose Us – The Best CNC Milling Machines, Precision Laser Cutters in Canada

Brookside Machining has all the state-of-the-art CNC machines, laser cutters, and other precision machines that enable us to deliver the exact production services our clients in Canada need. We serve high-tech industries in Canada that require wide range of metal fabrication, CNC milling, precision laser cutters, and other customized machining services.

Here at Brookside Machining, we are committed to continuous improvement and development of our production processes so that our machines can follow even more complex designs and specifications. Whether you need machining production at a large scale or production of a single prototype, our CNC milling, precision machining, and laser cutter experts can do the job.

We have the dedicated people and robust machines and laser cutters that will give you the best results in Canada. Call our office today so we can discuss how we can help you in your next production, metal fabrication, and design specification requirements. We proudly serve all industries in Canada including individuals and government agencies.

More Information About CNC Milling Production

Brookside Machining in Canada is an expert in computer numerical controlled (CNC) milling production, which is a precision process that has a lot of similarities with drilling and cutting. In CNC milling production, the precision milling machines use a rotating cutting tool that moves along multiple axes therefore it’s able to produce different and more varied slots, holes, and shapes for different components. CNC milling machines are precision devices that are able to produce complex shapes for different parts or components of machines that would be rather impossible to create using manual tooling methods.

Precision Laser Cutters

Brookside Machining uses precision laser cutters to fabricate and cut various materials such as metals, wood, plastics, and practically all types of materials you can imagine. Our laser cutters are extensively used not only in engineering but also in a lot of other industries like electronics, science and medical industries, and even in graphics and art design.

We also have highly trained and experienced laser cutter experts to handle your projects. We will ensure that all your technical requirements are met and will help you achieve the right results you’re looking for.