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CNC Milling


At Brookside Machining, our services are tailored to meet the exacting needs of high-tech industries. We are equipped to provide a full range of CNC milling services for manufacturing highly accurate machined parts, delivered to you on time and at competitive prices.

Available for a wide range of metal fabrication, we can fabricate your OEM parts in all grades of material including the following:

  • • Stainless steel
  • • Carbon steel
  • • Plastic
  • • Aluminum
  • • Brass

CNC Turning


At Brookside Machining, we have the capability to fabricate OEM parts for both small and large scale production runs.

With our precision CNC turning services, we have successfully served the needs of many customers from diverse markets including innovators, businesses and government agencies.

Our turning processes include:

  • • Contour, Form, Taper, and Straight Turning
  • • External and Internal Threading
  • • Facing, Drilling, and Boring

Brookside Machining’s CNC Turning facility is equipped with hard-wired controls and tools to minimize set-up times, as well as automatic part catching and indexing capabilities. Our CNC turning machines also possess magazine bar feeders to increase production efficiency. All of these features make our innovative metal turning machinery well-suited for the fabrication of highly complex, precision parts.

Automatic Band Saw


Using state-of-the-art automatic band saw machines with two-sided angle adjustment and automatic material travel, we are able to achieve efficiency and precision. By means of selecting appropriate cutting blades for a given material, we ensure high quality of edges, simultaneously eliminating additional processes like debarring and rounding.

Owing to our skilled technocrats who possess years of experience in the respective domain, we are able to provide our customers with high quality and repeatability of cut elements, while the time of order execution is short.

CNC Laser Cutting


Fabricators are replacing older technology with faster, more efficient laser cutting machines. These machines offer considerable advantages in productivity, precision, part quality, material utilization and flexibility. And it is one of the digital making methods available through Brookside Machining.

Combined with state-of-the-art laser cutting technology, our old-fashioned customer service and strict attention to detail procures a cutting service that enables any business to quickly and economically realize intricate designs.

We have great experience in cutting different materials like stainless steel, mild steel or aluminum for industrial components. We also cut plastics for automotive and advertising, and even wood that was used for furniture applications. From prototypes to high volume production runs, our laser cutting is dramatically faster and more cost effective.