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Brookside Machining can supply a full range of services due to its highly reputable connections. Our one-stop-shop service will give you all you need using our far-flung network with manufacturing businesses all over Canada, ranging from metal cutting and fabrication to welding.

Contact us in case of any queries. We are happy to cater to any metal fabrication projects, including, but not limited to, customized product development and any surplus work.


Increase your productivity by using the KANBAN method, just like most of our customers. It increases your efficiency by a quicker understanding of any problem areas, thereby speeding up the development of solutions.

Serving small to large machining projects, it is the perfect method for all levels of production.

Most importantly, Kanban doesn’t require you to revamp your process to begin seeing these benefits. It works by implementing incremental, evolutionary change to make your workflow more efficient and your team more productive.

Our Capacity.

Brookside Machining prioritizes having high-quality machines for all our facilities, empowering our skilled team to fabricate top-quality milled components at competitive prices for all our clients.

Part of a larger network of manufacturing partners, Brookside Machining, can streamline the supply process and scale project volumes exactly to our client's requirements.

We are available for a broad range of metal fabrication, and we can fabricate your OEM parts in all grades of material.
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Milling machine tool with mill in chuck preparing to process metal detail at industrial manufacture factory.

CNC Machining

Screw tap cutting tool and broach on wood table.

Broaching Services

A CNC machine making grooves in a brass part.

Grooving | Deburring | Drilling Services

A tapping tool creating screw threads in a metal part.

Tapping | Threading |
Band Saw Cutting Services

We are available for a broad range of metal fabrication and we can fabricate your OEM parts in all grades of material.

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