Swiss Lathe Machining

This is the newest addition to the Brookside Machining tool set: 5 axis Swiss Lathe. This machine is designed to excel at high volume jobs white maintaining extreme accuracy and operating at high speeds.

CNC Machining / Milling / Turning

Our state-of-the-art products are a result of our specialized 2 axis and 3 axis machining, and 2D and 3D milling. We mass produce with close tolerances, as tight as +/-0.0005″ – 0.01″. Our 2-axis turning lathe master’s fast turnover for smaller orders.
Varying equipment is used to cater to varying needs of our clients, ranging in all sizes up to lengths of 43” and widths of 25.5”. Our immaculacy is all you need to empower your business!

Broaching Services

Our broaching services can machine any shape demanded by our client. The result of our broaching services are high-volume, intricate parts, and the material used has the optimum hardness level between 26 and 28 Rockwell C..

We efficiently act as single suppliers in our broaching and CNC turning services. We also provide tapping, band saw cutting, and metal band saw cutting services. Reach out to our team for detailed guidance in case of any queries.

From square to round to octagonal and rectangular, we offer the widest variety you’re looking for. If you’re searching for something different from what we usually stock, we can help you create a custom broach tooling assembly as well.

Our professionals use the most practical design software available and work with you to design your new broaching tool to meet the accurate specifications.

Grooving / Deburring / Drilling Services

We cater to all our client’s demands using over nine top-of-their class machines. Not only do we specialize in the traditional CNC machining, but our expertise also ranges to error- free hard milling, fast milling, complex surfaces, and deburring surfaces.

When the tools for metal cutting are concerned, Brookside Machining is the perfect partner for you. As a specialist for special tools, we can offer you the right tool solution for almost all machining processes – quickly, cost-effectively, and in the best quality.

Tapping / Threading /
Band Saw Cutting Services

We offer systematic threading, up to 12’ long, tapping, and band saw cutting services to a diverse range of industries, guaranteeing brilliant-cut quality, as thick as 12 x 12 inches, and superior results.

Our team is excited to facilitate our clients’ machining needs in every way possible, promising more than satisfactory results.

Our thread cutting, tapping in contrast to thread forming and rolling, can be used when full thread depth is required, when the quantity is small, when the blank is not very accurate when threading up to a shoulder is required, when threading a tapered thread, or when the material is brittle.

Custom CNC Machining Services

CNC Machining is a manufacturing process that utilizes computer-controlled machine tools toproduce precision components. This type of machining is used in many industries, including aerospace, automotive, and medical device manufacturing.

CNC machining is a valuable tool for producing components with tight tolerances, high repeatability, and intricate designs. CNC machines can be programmed to produce a variety of different parts, including drills, end mills, reamers, taps, and other complex tools.

CNC machining is a cost-effective and efficient way to produce precision components quickly and accurately..

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